Say hello to smart loyalty

Make Walk Ins your regular Customers and regular
customers your loyal customers

Reward Loyalty

Engage and delight guests in-store with instant rewards for visits or purchases. Get creative with rewards. The options are endless.

Retain Customers

Segment your customers based on their buying patterns, preferences and brand loyalty. ‘Reactive’ or offer additional recognition to select segments of your loyalty program.

Build The Following

Get to know your customers through the app. Digitally connect with them and drive them back with targeted messages.

Social Referrals

65% of all new business comes from your existing customers. In built sharing rewards your customers for referring new users to your venue.

In Your Neighborhood

Connect with your customers when they are close to your venue with our location-based service.

The loyalty program that works for you

No Paper Cards

LoyalOApp loyalty cards are kept in the one place your customer will never forget, their phone. Brand and venue info always present and a simple click away.

Increse Discovery

Your business is included in our loyalty network to increase your exposure to 1000’s of potential new customers.

Track & Rewards

Fully understand how your loyalty program is performing. Activate, engage and retain customers. Build advocates who will spread the word about your business.